Meks Tues Reals

Australian Artist


Tues artistic background is a typical one for an Australian graffiti kid from the late eighties/early nineties. He didn’t realise what he was doing would lead to any form of art, and to this day still isn’t sure if that is the case. A half assed degree in Visual Design from the University of New England didn’t help confirm what he was doing was right, but he knew when he was alone painting at night it was something special.

Fast forward two decades and the night missions are few and far between but the confusion as to whether what he is doing is considered art still remains. Not that it ever mattered. 


Reals has been writing for approximately 20 years. Since a young age I started noticing pieces on the train lines and around the city and have adapted to a graffiti lifestyle ever since. Growing over the years by sketching ideas leading into an assortment of pieces across Brisbane/Sydney and some in Melbourne. Each style serving a purpose to a particular state of mind, time, place and atmosphere. 

My practice ranges from painting in  the shadows all night, dark tunnels, abandoned factories and train lines to painting all day in the scorching heaton production walls, hosting workshops with teenagers, a couple of group exhibitions and being blessed by Ironlak. I am influenced by the people I have either studied from the past or had the chance to meet, hang out and chill with, paint withor have the honour to call my crew/family. While there are no limitations on the artform these days. Graffiti is from and for the streets.

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