The Zookeeper

Australian Artist

The Zookeeper is a Brisbane based artist who’s large scale murals look to break the monotonous routines of daily life. Fascinated with nature from a young age, Zookeeper is interested in the parallels between animals and humans. Zookeepers work looks to create a vessel through nature, to bring positivity to everyday life. Through metaphor, Zookeeper aims to shine light on the many things that are overshadowed in our society. Avoid monotony, Keep it Zoo.

'Monkey Business' - First Coat Mural, 2016
The Zookeeper's 2016 piece 'Monkey Business' looks to shine light on the medias influence on our lives. Turning on a television in the world today opens us up to an assault of information. Who decides what is and isn't important, and why exactly is it important? What do we take on board and what do we disregard? Maybe we're better off with it turned off.

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