Tarn McLean

Australian Artist

Tarn McLean is a Painter, writer, Doctor of Philosophy and textile and accessories designer at Ocre Designs. McLean holds a PhD in Visual Art from the University of Southern Queensland and is full time maker and arts enabler, co-directing Artist Run Space RAYGUN PROJECTS and START Student Art .

McLean has exhibited in both solo and group shows in Toowoomba, Brisbane, Sydney, Copenhagen and San Francisco. Based in Toowoomba, she works full time on her art and design for both private and public commissions and her own arts practice. Her works can be viewed at www.tarnmclean.com 

First Coat Mural 2014

This wall painting was Tarn's contribution to the the 2014 First Coat Festival. Coming from a practice concerned with Geometric Abstraction and Monochrome Painting, Tarn also explores painting and space changing away from the picture frame. This work focuses on the negation of representation, allowing monochromatic fields of colour to contribute to the city scape.

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