Rick Hayward

Australian Artist

Rick Hayward is a one half of the creative duo, Frank and Mimi.

Operating as independent creatives and long-term collaborators, our creative studio is nestled away in an old factory in Red Hill alongside some of Brisbane's most exciting creatives.

Our hearts are most full when we're creating meaningful large scale public artworks for communities, stimulating much needed dialogue around pertinent social and environmental issues. We are driven to support local businesses, communities and projects with a focus on people and planet over profit. Although we're full time artists, we have a range of commercial services that include branding, hand painted signage, illustration, gilding and more prominently large scale artworks - working with a handful of trusted artists and sign writers. It's when we provide these services as a package to our clients that we become 'Visual Identifiers'.

Frank & Mimi celebrates the beauty that's reflected in both the nuances and triumphs of the human hand, with a strong focus on developing unique and timeless concepts. We use environmentally responsible paints and products, and are mindful of our creative footprint on our environment

First Coat Mural 2017 - 'Seeks Clarity, Finds Mystery'
'Seeks Clarity, Finds Mystery' is a personal response to understanding the nature of being. Explained in Taoism as "The Way" and in western philosophy as "Basic Trust", following the flow of life's opportunities and trusting in these experiences to provide valuable lessons can be truly enriching. This artwork is a musing upon this idea; rather than searching for answers only to find more questions, is it worthier to trust in the natural order of things and accept the infinity that dawns?

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