Australian Artist

Elliott “Numskull” Routledge is an Australian based contemporary artist, working out of Sydney in a variety of fields and mediums including painting, sculpture, and large scale public murals.

Over the past 15 years, Elliott has shown work and installed major public murals all around the world. He has shown in galleries, painted walls and sold paintings throughout the world in such places as London, Vienna, New York, Melbourne, Tokyo, Paris, Singapore, Amsterdam, Hong Kong and extensively throughout Australia.

His work has evolved from simple street work to interpreted and reactive mixed media paintings and sculpture. Using simple colour hierarchy and contrast, his paintings are courageous and confronting, wether it’s a bold statuesque collage of a human, or a stark field of abstracted shapes inspired by modern fascinations.

Elliott’s work was most recently a feature of Art & About Festival, Sydney and has also been shown in the Museums Quartier, Vienna as a part of his 2014 Residency.

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