Mysterious Al

International Artist

Mysterious Al is an urban-artist from London.

In 2000, alongside friend and contemporary D*Face, Mysterious Al co-founded the now world-renowned ‘Finders Keepers Crew’; a collective of young outsider artists using stickers, wheat-paste and found objects to create illegal street installations.

The Finders Keepers crew gained international notoriety and found themselves at the forefront of a new art movement: ‘Street-art’.

Their widely attended yet illegal pop-up exhibitions formed an often replicated template for promoting the biggest art trend in a decade, whilst the roster of artists associated with Finders Keepers went on to become some of the biggest names in this new movement.

In a career spanning over a decade, Mysterious Al has shown extensively across the globe with Solo and group shows across Europe, North and South America and Japan. His large-scale mural work has been a part of high-profile events ‘See No Evil’ in Bristol, ‘All Your Walls’ in Melbourne and ‘Tauch 2013’ in Bogota, Colombia. 

In addition to his Fine Art, Mysterious Al has collaborated on co-branded products with some of the worlds most high-profile brands; including Levis, Adidas, Addict, Orange, Yahoo!, Volvo, Eastpak and Carhartt.

He is represented by the world-famous Stolenspace Gallery in London, and regularly contributes to their shows. Celebrity collectors include Jamie Oliver and Cheryl Cole.

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