International Artist

After being born blind in his left eye and given three first names, artist Mark Paul Deren, (aka MADSTEEZ) is a human color wheel spinning on overdrive. A surfer, a painter and a father: Madsteeze is achieving a lifestyle and career path which is not only inspiring, it’s one of a kind. 

Madsteeze’s talk is an insight into the progressive world of street art and a lesson in self-taught success. With a portfolio full of dream clients and mural work that spans continents, Madsteeze is going to start and finish his talk before you realise you’ve had your arse kicked. 

Currently based in WEENSV!LLE, CA, Deren grew up on the outskirts of Washington DC, surrounded by nicknames and the oh so frequent game of biscuit, where his HEYD!K sense of humor emerged. From his scrappy WEEN!MAL doodles to his larger-than-life pop-soaked paintings and portraits, Deren’s vivid creations have caught the eye of an impressive list of commercial collaborators (not to mention Dennis Hopper, who himself has sat for a Deren portrait).

His methodical approach to large-scale murals has granted him worldwide appreciation, with accompanying film documentation highlighting his process behind the multi-layered landscapes that transform blank canvases into an acidic voyage and cosmic explosions.

In his second decade as a professional artist, Madsteez has been painting murals all over the world and has been featured in renowned publications like The New York Times and Dazed and Confused, with commissions coming from Nike, Audi, Mini Cooper, Target, and many more.

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