Kim Walmsley

Australian Artist

Self taught artist, Kim Walmsley, started exploring art as a teenager. Over the years, Walmsley’s art has expanded through different mediums taught to her through experimental use of materials, textures and design concepts. She explores her connection to her culture and life’s experiences through her art and most recently through working with copper wire, adds an original and modern feel to the more traditional elements of Aboriginal design.

“It’s not just about painting. My ability to create is connected to my heritage. Being Aboriginal is a gift and being an artist is my passion. I have been raised by wonderful people and have lived a life that has taught me to appreciate & respect many cultures & people. The older we get, the wiser we should be.  We can truly flourish and appreciate our purpose and goals to create happiness from within. My art is about self-expression through symbolism and connection to the elements, people, stories of fact and dreamtime and most importantly my spirituality. Knowing where you come from can make such a difference to claiming your identity and I believe I have stopped searching and have become content with my happiness that is from within, forgiveness & gratefulness”

Kim explores numerous mediums and design elements and has a distinctive and original style. She creates a balance between shades of light and dark through the softness and vibrancies of her unique interpretation of the land and beauty of Aboriginal spirituality with strong linear qualities.

Kim now calls Toowoomba home and acknowledges the Jarawoir & Giabul people as the traditional custodians of the land, like many of the other Aboriginal people who have travelled from their country to live in Toowoomba. The people of the Mununjali were visitors of this land many years ago. Attending ceremonies on the outskirts of Toowoomba and Festivals in the Bunya Mountains with many groups from around Queensland and beyond, Mununjali has a clear connection with this land and it’s past.

Kim’s art is an explosive expression of this connection with her traditions and cross cultural experiences and her connectedness to the earth and its elements. 

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