Katie Noller

Australian Artist

Moving to Toowoomba to study Visual arts at USQ at the age of seventeen, she developed her style through painting on canvas, site specific installations and wall painting. During her studies studies Noller was involved in a number of group and solo exhibitions in Toowoomba, Brisbane & Sydney. The focus of her work became more about changing people’s perspective of the space around them, less about developing as an artist.

After completing an Honours degree looking at the extension of the painted plane and changing directions completely she began a career in Optics, eventually training to work as a vision therapist. This involved training people to gain better control and awareness of their visual ability. It wasn’t until the beginning of this year that Noller returned to painting after a very long break from the studio.

How we perceive the space around us, has always interested this painter. As a vision therapist she began to see that vision is not something that we are dealt, but something that we participate in. Our perspective is something that grows the more we experience the world around us. We form judgements of ourselves and others and these are based on our accumulated visual experience.

First Coat Mural 2016
After studying visual dysfunction and learning related difficulties I returned to painting to explore  the myth that we all see the same thing. In a way, what we perceive is created from the collective history of what we have seen before. Painting in this public scale is a great opportunity to break down and examine this process of creating labels and deriving meaning from images.  Can something ever look like nothing? Is our perception of a painting simply a mess of the expectations and labels we have previously attached to certain images?

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