Karri McPherson

Australian Artist

My interest in art comes from an innate desire to understand visual language and how we can communicate through non-verbal means. For me, I’m exploring communication through hard-edge geometry, as I strive to achieve a certain kind of exactness within the paintings that I create. This meticulous approach to art making allows me to search for absolute perfection within my work, which gives me a continuing sense of balance. My work embodies a lot of digital qualities, where I’ve begun exploring the contrast between the synthetic elements of creating perfect artificial art through producing real life 2-dimensional paintings. As I further explore my art practice, I’ve discovered a lot of my artwork is a response to the digital age; where a lot of the modern world is engulfed by the repetition of media and technology, I find pleasure in producing original works on canvas that cannot be duplicated.  

Karri McPherson was one of five local artists whom recently completed Public: AIR, a four-week artist residency and public art mentoring program at Kontraband Studios. "Throughout the month long residency at Kontraband I produced two paintings, Interpolate XXI and Interpolate XXII. The recent conceptual direction of my work engages evolving compositions of triangles, where I’ve been exploring secondary colours through variations of analogous hues. Through experimenting with different elements of graphic design, I’ve had the opportunity to visualise my work prior to its translation onto canvas. I’ve had the chance to explore the relationships between colour theory and geometric layering, which in turn has encouraged my work to morph between different constructions of coloured geometric shapes. 

The Public A.I.R residency program has provided me with a variety of new and unexplored opportunities. These different avenues include developing confidence with working on a larger scale, experimenting with new materials and processes, and engaging with fellow emerging and mid-career artists working within the industry. This residency has encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, through advancing my ideas from canvas into a more architectural approach in the form of wall paintings. By expanding my practice, I’ve found a connection through expanding scale onto urban architecture, which is important as I’ve always wanted to develop a greater relationship between composition, scale and environment."

Public: AIR received financial assistance from the Regional Arts Development Fund. The Regional Arts Development Fund is a partnership between the Queensland Government and Toowoomba Regional Council to support local arts and culture in regional Queensland.

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