Ian McCallum

Australian Artist

Ian McCallum is an artist and sign writer currently based in Toowoomba, Qld. As a co-director of Kontraband Studios and First Coat Festival, McCallum is passionate about providing creative opportunities for emerging and established creatives.

Over past ten years, McCallum has accumulated a back catalogue of mixed aesthetics and skills, which has seen him produce a wide range of creative styles and outcomes. In the last 12 months, he has refined his process, which has lead him to make the fine art and large-scale mural work he is producing now.

McCallum’s work is heavily influenced by typographic styles and painting processes. Through a daily process of creating and searching the elements of his paintings are found and in a way form a diary of the artists inquisitive mind. His work is an exploration of the physicality of paint interspersed with clean graphical forms and typography. Highly intuitive studio work, the basis of his practice, informs his larger scale outdoor work. Through a magnification of these small discoveries, McCallum aims to draw attention to easily missed details and appealing accidents in our daily routine.

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