Fintan Magee

2014 Mural.

Born in Lismore NSW, Fintan Magee moved to Brisbane as a child and began drawing shortly after. In his early teens he was exposed to Brisbane’s graffiti culture. Moving away from traditional graffiti in recent years his guerilla murals often inhabit the isolated, abandoned and broken corners of the city. Mixing surreal and figurative imagery, his paintings are deeply integrated with the urban environment and explore themes of waste, consumption, loss and transition and contain a sentimentality and softness influenced by children’s books.  

He has exhibited throughout Australia and has been selected as a finalist for the Prometheus, Churchie and Lethbridge art prizes and received the people’s choice at the Cliftons art prize, Brisbane. A prominent figure in Australia’s contemporary mural movement Magee has completed large-scale projects in Los Angeles, Vienna, Jakarta, London, Dublin, Oslo, Copenhagen, Hong Kong, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. 

In 2012 after a 4-week residency at ISAD studios in Jakarta he was invited to collaborate on a large-scale installation with Indonesian collective Ruangrupa. The piece was included in the 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary art at QAGGoMA. In 2013 he was invited to participate in the Jakarta Biennale of Contemporary Art. His diligence, technical skill and progressive approach to street art make him one of Australia’s must watch young emerging artists. 

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