Elana Mullaly

Australian Artist

Elana Mullaly is a freelance illustrator and artist practicing in Brisbane, Australia. Her weapon of choice is colour pencils in which she applies in a dreamy and hyper realistic way to create scenes of etherial glassy eyed girls swirling in hair irony and animalia exploring beauty, texture, nature and femininity. No stranger to ink, watercolour, aerosol and oil and acrylic painting, she also likes to rebel against the constraints of realistic rendering and apply her work to large canvas or murals.

She explores movement, transition and the female form through bold, lucid and drippy brushstrokes to represent fragments of time. Elana's work is, as she puts it, “A visual response to what I find beautiful. It is something that happens organically and in the moment.. The way I drew when I was young; dreams, animals and nature.” She sucks the poison out of words like ‘fun’ or ‘frivolous’ and reminds us what it means to imagine.

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