Drapl & Treas

Australian Artist


Drapl aka Quench is a Brisbane born artist whose love of graffiti started at a young age seeing the coal trains on the Ipswich rail corridors covered with all the colours of the rainbow. He starting making his art public at 14 and has never stopped. Over the years his graffiti letters have merged into characters and more recently his work has a focus on women's faces.

The past 3 years his business in graffiti murals broadened his array of skills and every day his work grows bigger and better. Drapl thoroughly enjoyed first coat last year and cant wait to collaborate with Treaz again on something that Toowoomba can enjoy for years to come.


Like all trees, Treazy's roots are planted strong in the underground. As the seasons change it’s time for growth, time to break through the surface of anonymity and transition into the full being of his creative potential.

With more than 20 years in the game he still only considers himself at the beginning of where this artistic journey will take him. Graffiti has played a pinnacle roll in his life, teaching him priceless gems about the values of freedom and friendships, the evils of the system and how to navigate around it. This outside-of-the-box perspective has allowed him to travel the world extensively, leaving a colorful legacy from the deep catacombs of the Paris subway to the dense bio-diversity of the Amazon Jungle.  

After numerous years traveling the outside world, Treazy’s primary focus is now exploring the inner world, the spirit and the great mystery that animates all of existence. With the generous loving support from Ironlak and the DTS at his back the possibilities are limitless and the time is now.

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