David Houghton

Australian Artist

David Houghton (CPHO)
David Houghton is an artist based on the Sunshine Coast, QLD. He uses a combination of techniques from formal styles and traditional hand painted signage, to graffiti and realism. Inspired by pushing boundaries to create more meaningful works that represent his love for the natural environment, often combining animals and natural elements of colour.

Houghton has produced a diverse range of creative commissions including photo realistic portraits, scenic underwater, flora and fauna murals, modern contemporary pieces and vibrant street art that can be seen across SEQ. He also publishes Australian mural and art magazines - Clouded Thoughts and Blank Canvas.

First Coat Mural 2016
My work at Jessie Street represents nature and a balance of surrounds that are ever changing. Coming from a conservation background, Jessie Street presented an opportunity to paint vibrant nature based pieces in a fairly built up surrounding. I often decide on where to go and position things once I’m onsite – The Street and its shadow formations lent itself nicely to the finished angles.

I am often in a cloud of where I’m at with the environment and how to represent for nature without being overly in ones face. The community’s positivity, understanding and conversation whilst painting this mural (and often other murals) helps me make sense of it in the moment and my need to bring an awareness of balance.

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