Cinzah Seekayem

2015 Mural

Cinzah Seekayem is a New Zealand based multidisciplinary artist, event producer, curator and father of two, based out of Napier, Hawkes Bay.

He paints from and for his environment, often expressing his views about pressing environmental issues, with a strong sense of colour, movement and balance. His work also explores themes such as the interrelationship between man and nature, duality, mythology and story telling.

Seekayem has exhibited extensively throughout New Zealand, also showing work in group shows, festivals and mural productions in Australia, Mexico, North America, Canada, Japan, South East Asia and the Caribbean.

‘The Rainbow Serpent’ First Coat  Mural 2015

The Rainbow Serpent is a globally worshipped deity, commonly spoken about by the Indigenous Australian people. A sign of protection, a positive omen, one of the most powerful creators and protectors/ givers of the earths most precious resource, water.

When a rainbow arks across the sky, it was believed that this was the Rainbow Serpent bursting out of it's underground water wells through a water hole, travelling across the sky, giving rain and life and submerging into another water hole. Marking two points on the landscape that didn't dry up during droughts.

A protector and commonly well behaved, although was known to be fiery and lash out with a destructive manner when angered.

After painting this mural I was told it had great significance and importance to the region of Toowoomba. As the fire snake is the animal the Aboriginal people of Toowoomba identified with before being forcible relocated to Fraser Island, Taroom reserve and other locations between 1897 and 1957.

The mural was also mentioned having a strong presence by giving a nod to Aboriginal people and their cultures as in 1965 Toowoomba was the only city which voted against Aboriginal Australians having the right to enrol to vote in the Australian federal elections.

Sadly due to the dark history of mistreatment, murder and relocation of indigenous Australians in Toowoomba, their are very few Aboriginal people still living in the region. A very real issue which is still going on in this present day.

The snake has been painted in a way that can be perceived as a cheeky, mysterious, or friendly creature, that hopefully inspires its viewers to think a little deeper about the history of our surroundings.

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