Free Creative Workshop Series

First Coat has partnered with Grand Central and Ironlak Art & Design to offer free Creative Workshops on Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st May, 2017. Join travelling artists Brett Piva, Claire Foxton, Mica Still & Elysha Rei as this share different skills during this years festival!

Brett Piva 'Casual Letters'

Learn first hand the basics of ‘casual letters’ with Newcastle based sign painter and First Coat Feature Artist, Brett Piva. This quick hand style is an essential skill for any artist interested in the tradition of sign painting or typography. Join in at anytime over the two hour session and use a mix brush sizes and colours from the Ironlak Art and Design fluid acrylic range to upskill on your letterform.

Claire Foxton 'Abstract & Realism'

Learn how First Coat Feature Artist, Claire Foxton mixes techniques of realism and abstraction in her work through multi-media mark making, drawing and collage. You’ll get hands on with the materials she uses in her own pieces including biro, pencil, acrylic paint and paper cutouts, and learn that mistakes in art don’t actually exist!

Mica Still - 'Sticker Making' for Kids

Have you ever wanted to create your own stickers? Join New Zealand based First Coat Feature Artist, Mica Still in a quick hands on lesson on how to start your sticker addiction. Using minimal resources you will create your own original stickers. We will use monsters or animals as a starting inspiration for your sticker but there is no limitation to your creativity. Scissor skills needed.

Elysha Rei - ‘Paper Cuts & Patterns' for Kids

Join First Coat Feature Artist, Elysha Rei for a 'Kirigami' workshop to make your own quick and easy pattern based artworks. Paper cutting using the Kirigami technique can be as simple as using a four-fold cut, then can get more challenging with a six-fold or five-fold cut too - catering for all ages. Templates are available for young hands or dive into the Ironlak Art and Design range of products to decorate or colour your design. 

Applications are open all year round for artists, volunteers & businesses.

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