Live Mural Painting

Returning for a fourth year, First Coat is back for three days of free programmed events and live mural painting this May! Join us as 28 International & National artists paint large scale murals through out the city of Toowoomba.

Cyrcle (USA), Lauren Hom (USA), Mica Still (NZ), Frank & Mimi, Mike Shankster, Nadia Hernandez, Tristan Kerr, Claire Foxton, Carla McRae, Ian McCallum, Brett Piva, Sophia Mary-Mac, Sirmano, Adam Busby, Bronte Naylor, Katie Noller, Elysha Rei, David Usher, Alysa Mae, Rhi Johnson, Shani White, Karri McPherson and Gene Falknau.

Toowoomba's CBD streets and laneways house an evolving outdoor exhibition of contemporary public art. Check out the murals section for all of Toowoomba's First Coat public art locations. You can visit Toowoomba's outdoor gallery all year round. 

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