Nadia Hernandez

Australian Artist

Nadia Hernandez is a multidisciplinary artist based in Sydney, Australia. Born in Merida, Venezuela, her practice continues to orbit and explore folklore, using collage, craft, design and text to reflect on the intersecting ideologies of social and political change. Symbols of events, objects and moments in time reoccur throughout Hernandez’ work as she builds her own visual legend where it is possible to describe ideas of change, rebirth and union.

Hernandez has partaken in both solo and group exhibitions across the country and has had her work comissioned by clients such as the City of Sydney, Woollahrah Municipal Council, Right Angle Studios, Nike, Vans and Oxfam. Hernandez has developed community workshops for the Boys and Girls Brigade and Big hART and has recently completed a collaborative mural commission in Manly as part of the Vans Pro Park Series. Her work is held in private collections throughout Australia, New York, London, Luxembourg, Barcelona, and Japan.

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